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Thanks for the questions. Full disclosure- I have an SPCA rescue dog, a border collie cross named Eddy and we use the North Van off-leash parks almost every day. I guess that makes my opinion less than objective, but I support the off-leash dog park at that waterfront park and throughout the City of North Vancouver. Again, full disclosure- I live next to the art park on west 1st and of all the options you suggest, I am in favour of changing the designation of this park to leashed dogs only.

All the best-

Michael Charrois

Dear Candidate

In local elections voters have the luxury to vote for candidates who support the specific issue most critical to them.    In this election I am particularly concerned with the development of the off-leash dog park on the waterfront in front of Spa Utopia and extending west to the Canal.   This has been a matter of discussion and debate in the council and the voters pro and con on the existing Council have been identified.

If you had been able to vote, what would your decision have been?  Are you pro or con combining an off leash dog park with the Spirit Trail and the bike lanes running from the road and parking area to the canal break?

As well, the Jack Loucks Park area is posted,” no dogs “.  However dog owners do walk their dogs there regularly, on leash, and pickup after them.   Are you in favour of changing the designation of this park to leashed dogs only, policing it more aggressively or continuing to ignore the number of owners who do walk their dogs there daily?

Thank you, Dixie McIlwraith, City of North Vancouver

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