BC forestry jobs


In the last 16 years, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have killed 30,000 forestry jobs and closed 100 mills, hurting people and communities across the province.

This morning, John Horgan announced our plan to take action for BC forestry jobs. BC can revitalize its forestry sector and create thousands of good jobs by kick-starting a made-in-BC wood products manufacturing industry.

The plan will:

  • Develop a made-in-BC wood product manufacturing industry and create demand for BC’s wood products around the world;
  • Create jobs by ensuring more of the logs harvested in BC are processed here;
  • Create and protect jobs by fighting hard for a fair softwood deal;
  • Create jobs and ensure the future success of the industry by increasing investment in reforestation; and 
  • Reduce carbon pollution by increasing use of wood during construction in BC and around the world.