BC Liberals forced to return $93,000 in illegal donations


VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail

The BC Liberal Party says it is returning nearly $100,000 to donors after a Globe and Mail investigation revealed lobbyists had made indirect contributions that obscured the source of the money – a practice that is now the focus of an RCMP investigation.

The party issued a statement late Friday afternoon that said it had identified 43 contributions totalling $92,874.36 in which donors used their personal credit cards and were later reimbursed. The statement acknowledges such donations are “prohibited.”

In addition, the Liberals say 30 people approached the party to report “clerical errors” that resulted in donations being recorded as personal donations rather than contributions from their employers. The party says it will notify Elections BC of those errors and will “proceed as required,” though it did not confirm whether those donations would also be returned.

Read full articlehttp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-liberals-to-return-93000-in-prohibited-indirect-donations/article34424319/


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