BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The List

By David Beers, Tom Barrett and Tyee Staff and Contributors  | TheTyee.ca

David Beers is founding editor of The Tyee and Tom Barrett is a long time contributor to The Tyee and before that covered B.C. politics for the Vancouver Sun. Grateful thanks to other Tyee team members who assisted in compiling this list and checking its accuracy.


The List:

SCANDAL: BC Lib Executive Director Criminally Charged

BOONDOGGLE: Stanley Cup Riot Report Topped $300K, No One to Blame

SCANDAL: Citing Premier’s Extra Pay from Donors, NYT Named BC ‘Wild West’ of Fundraising

SCANDAL: RCMP Launches Investigation into Lobbyists’ Donations

SCANDAL: ‘World Class Conflict of Interest’

SCANDAL: Real Estate Sector Biggest BC Liberal Donors While Affordability Disappears

BOONDOGGLE: Port Mann Sinkhole

BOONDOGGLE: $1.5 Billion Plummet at ICBC

BOONDOGGLE: Public Millions Spent on Partisan Ads

FALSEHOOD: Site C Facts Don’t Support Minister’s ‘Due Diligence’ Claim

FALSEHOOD: Debt Doubled as Ads Boasted of ‘Controlling’ Spending

FALSEHOOD: Forest Job Figures Didn’t Count Real Jobs

SCANDAL: Four Die, No Charges Laid Due to Botched WorkSafeBC Probe

FALSEHOOD: BC Libs Understated Deficit by $520 Million: AG

SCANDAL: Over Sharing Minister Fired

FALSEHOOD: Reversal on Pesticide Ban

FALSEHOOD: Clark Reneged on Public Consult on Treaty

SCANDAL: No Proof Chinese Temp Worker Shakedown Was Investigated

FALSEHOOD: Premier ‘Fudging’ Job Creation

FALSEHOOD: Minister Wrongly Claimed RCMP Investigating Fired Health Workers

SCANDAL: ‘Shadow-flipping’ Brokers Exploited Zero Oversight

SCANDAL: Researcher, Wrongly Fired, Committed Suicide

BOONDOGGLE: Big Price Tag for Health Ministry Firing Mess

FALSEHOOD: Broken Promise to Revise Municipal Election Rules

SCANDAL: Chief of Staff Did Something So ‘Inappropriate’ in a Pub He Resigned

FALSEHOOD: Clark Canards Riddled Radio Interview

SCANDAL: Cynical ‘Quick Wins’ Strategy Broke Rules

SCANDAL: Few Private River Generators Met Environmental Standards

SCANDAL: Clark Failed to Disclose Ties to Firm She Later Touted as Premier

SCANDAL: As Mount Polley Disaster Hit, AG Was Readying Scathing Report on BC Mine Oversight

SCANDAL: Higher Ed Minister’s Past Rule Breaking Exposed

SCANDAL: BC’s Gambling Guardian Caught in Conflict of Interest

FALSEHOOD: 100,000 LNG Jobs Claim Doesn’t Add up

BOONDOGGLE: New Auditor Couldn’t Run Own Shop

BOONDOGGLE: Taxpayers Lost $43 Million on Fast Land Sale

SCANDAL: Emails Regularly ‘Triple Deleted’ to Avoid Scrutiny

BOONDOGGLE: BC’s Go It Alone $182-Million Computer Glitch

BOONDOGGLE: Five Years Late, Health Ministry Computer 420% over Budget

SCANDAL: Teen’s Death after Foster Care Hell Exposed System Failures

FALSEHOOD: Clark’s ‘Open’ Government an ‘Utter Sham’

FALSEHOOD: Not Gonna Do Foreign Buyers Tax, Said Premier

BOONDOGGLE: $1 Million to Film Photo-ops

SCANDAL: Breach of 3.4 Million Private Student, Teacher Records

FALSEHOOD: Government Pulled Misleading LNG Ad

SCANDAL: Toxic Site Left to Pollute Despite Local Alarms

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