Michael answers Iranian Press questions

To Sima-
Sima Ghaffarzadeh
Director & Editor-in-Chief
Hamyaari Media Inc.
Here are my questionnaire responses.
Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: Iranian Press answers
Introduction:  Michael Charrois, 54 years old, married to Jacqueline with one stepson, Stephen and two SPCA rescue animals; a dog and a cat. In 2001 in Alberta I was President of the Edmonton ACTRA branch when I was asked to serve as the New Democrat Candidate for Edmonton Castledowns in that year’s provincial election. I serve because I want to make this a better BC; more just, more inclusive, more fair for everyone because we’re all in this together.
Changes:  Get Big Money out of politics by banning Union and Corporate donations. Make every vote count by campaigning for Proportional Representation. Make life more affordable by capping Hydro and ICBC rates. Make life more affordable for young families by creating $10 a day child care- if Quebec can do it, why not BC?
Main plans/ objectives:  The New Democrats will be presenting a Platform document by mid-April with fully-costed, detailed, fact-filled plans. For the North Shore priorities include: investment in Urban Transportation to reduce gridlock; better care for seniors and protection of our cherished public health care system; support for public school teachers and their hard-fought victory to be able to collectively bargain class size and composition; and fierce opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project which will foul our waters- with 400 tankers a year sailing out of Burrard Inlet under two bridges, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes- it’s not worth the risk.
Living in North Van:  I have been living in North Vancouver since Canada Day 2006. I have been very active in the community for the past decade including being the Candidate for the North Vancouver New Democrats in the 2008 and 2011 federal elections. I live and play on the North Shore and I know many people who feel like they’re working harder than ever but they just can’t seem to get ahead. While Christy Clark gives her billionaire friends at the top a huge tax cut, the rest of us pay for it with higher Hydro, ferry and ICBC rates.
Iranian Canadians:  Before I took on the role of North Van- Seymour Candidate, I had the great honour of acting as Campaign Manager for Dr. Mehdi Russel’s NDP campaign in West Vancouver- Capilano. He reminded me of the challenges immigrants face with having their professional accreditations recognized; the Ancient Persian culture with its love and respect for poetry and the new language of film making; and how important it is to have political representation in the halls of power when someone like Trump threatens to take away your rights- it happened to the Japanese 60 years ago and it could happen to Iranian Canadians if there is no one in government to argue for inclusion, tolerance and respect.
Election financing:  Six times the New Democrats have proposed banning Union and Corporate donations to political parties and six times the Liberals said “No, we like the Big Money we get from our friends in Big Business”. If elected as government, the BC NDP will ban union and corporate donations.
Finally:  We’re all in this together; a tiny blue speck in the enormity of space. We have to take care of each other and the planet we are a part of because it’s the only one we’ve got. Celebrate every culture; live, laugh and love each other; have fun out there and play safe.
Michael Charrois- Candidate 
North Vancouver- Seymour
BC New Democrats

On Apr 3, 2017, at 10:47 AM, Sima Ghaffarzadeh <sima@hamyaari.media> wrote:

Dear Michael,

As the general provincial election in British Columbia, scheduled for May 9, 2017 is fast approaching, it is important for us to help the Iranian-Canadian community become more familiar and involved with the provincial election.       

For your information, Hamyaari Media, a bi-weekly Iranian magazine, founded on the largest and the most active Facebook group of Iranian-Canadians of the West Coast, consisting of almost 20,000 members, to get first-hand information about you, your party’s platform and goals, in light of the upcoming election.

The following questions are based on the issues, concerns, and questions of the Iranian-Canadians of your riding. Please see the following questions and kindly return to us your answers in writing as soon as possible. We will publish your answers in Hamyaari Media bi-weekly magazine, on paper and online.  

For further reference, please see the links below regarding the Hamyaari FB group and Hamyaari Media’s social media links:


  • Would you please introduce yourself, and let us know when and why you decided to become involved in politics. Why did you choose Green party?

  • If your party wins in this election, what will be changed?

  • What are your main plans and objectives about issues such as affordable housing, strong economy and higher employment rates, making life more affordable in Metro Vancouver and addressing your riding’s residents’ major problems?

  • Do you live in the riding where you are running as a candidate?  How long have you lived there and how familiar do you consider yourself with the problems and issues of residents of your riding?

  • There is a large Iranian-Canadian population in your riding. How much do you know them and how much do you know about their needs?

  • What is your party’s position on corporate and union donations to political campaigns? How do you justify that?

  • Is there anything else about yourself and/or your political views that you would like to share with the Iranian-Canadian community?

Best Regards,
Sima Ghaffarzadeh
Director & Editor-in-Chief
Hamyaari Media Inc.
PO Box 31055, St Johns Street Port Moody, BC V3H 4T4

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