Ban big money in politics

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… and end corporate tax breaks.

“For 16 years, Christy Clark’s government has been working for people at the top, while real people are left behind. Nowhere is that clearer than with her continued refusal to get the big money out of politics in BC. She prefers a system where big donors get top billing while families are left to do more with less,” said Horgan.

“When Christy Clark refused to ban big money in politics, she protected taxpayer-funded giveaways that reward corporations for donating to political parties. Corporate donors to the BC Liberal Party were eligible to claim more than $2 million in taxpayer-funded kickbacks since the last election. That’s $2 million that could be going into making life more affordable for families,” said Horgan.

Under BC election laws, individuals can claim tax deductions for donations they make to political parties. Corporations can claim the same tax deductions, which means taxpayers are also on the hook for reimbursing corporations when they donate to political parties.

From 2011 to 2016, Christy Clark collected $300,000 in a second salary from the BC Liberal Party, funded in part by corporate donations.

“Christy Clark has had every opportunity to clean up the wild west of political cash. But instead of supporting BC NDP legislation to end big money’s influence in politics, she chose to protect her rich donors. Now the RCMP and a Special Prosecutor have been called in to investigate.



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