Christy Clark’s war on education

… leaves kids struggling in our schools.

“An entire generation of BC kids were robbed of the public education that they deserved because of Christy Clark’s war on public education,” said Horgan. “For 16 years, children have been forced to struggle in overcrowded classrooms with too few supports because of Christy Clark’s choices.”

Horgan said at least 260 community schools have been shut down since the BC Liberals took power.

“While Christy Clark was giving the wealthy a billion-dollar tax break, she was forcing schools to close all over BC, selling our kids short,” said Horgan.

“Here in Osoyoos, parents fought back against Christy Clark’s attempt to shut down their high school – and won – but it should never have been a fight in the first place. When the BC Liberals shut down schools they are shutting down the future of communities.”

The Supreme Court of Canada took less than 15 minutes to rule against the Christy Clark government’s war on education, which began when Christy Clark stripped supports from classrooms when she was the BC Liberal education minister.

“Christy Clark took BC’s public education system from the second best funded in Canada to second worst,” said Horgan.

“Because of Christy Clark’s cuts BC schools lost almost a quarter of our specialist teachers. We’ve lost school counsellors, special education teachers, and Aboriginal education specialists. And our kids have paid the price.

“Parents, kids and their teachers deserve a premier that’s working for them, not for the wealthy and well connected. It’s time to make a better choice and elect a government that believes in a strong, supported public education system.”


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