Clark’s choices are hurting seniors

From affordability to health care and home support, seniors are hurting because of Christy Clark’s choices, BC NDP Leader John Horgan said today.

“Seniors are our parents and grandparents, our elders and neighbours. They need a caring, helping hand. Christy’s Clark’s choices have taken that care away,” Horgan said.

Christy Clark’s choices have hurt seniors. Nine in 10 care homes aren’t meeting minimum standards for care, the number of publicly funded residential care beds has stagnated, and home support hours for independent seniors have dropped.

In some cases, seniors have as little as 15 minutes with a care worker to help them with daily tasks.

Christy Clark’s crippling fee increases and her housing affordability crisis affect seniors on fixed incomes even more than other British Columbians. Thousands of seniors are on wait lists for affordable housing, with waits for subsidized seniors housing taking longer than two years.

“Seniors built this province, and they deserve support and dignity after a lifetime of service. Instead they’re struggling to make ends meet and spending more time alone, waiting for care.

“Seniors can’t afford another four years of Christy Clark. It’s time they had a Premier that made their lives easier, not more difficult,” said Horgan.


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