Supporting Canadian Creativity

From the NDP POLICY BOOK (PDF) NDP_PolicyBook

Supporting Canadian creativity
New Democrats believe in:

Supporting Canadian artists, culture workers, and entertainers.

  • Ensuring long-term predictable funding for Canadian museums, the Canada Council for the Arts, and other cultural organizations.
  • Improving incentives for Canadian film and television production through Telefilm Canada and the Canadian Television Fund.
  • Ensuring that cultural support serves Canada’s two official languages.
  • Amending the mandate of the CRTC to protect and promote Canadian cultural enterprises.
  • Providing artists with better opportunities to promote their work, in Canada and abroad.
  • Improving copyright protection.

Our public broadcaster’s role
New Democrats believe in:

  • Protecting the independence of the CBC/SRC by increasing public funding with the goal of eventually eliminating private advertising.
  • Expanding and improving the CBC/SRC’s regional news services, local programming, and Internet presence.
  • Ensuring a transparent non-partisan processes in the nomination of the CEO of the CBC/SRC and strengthening the independence of the