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Michael Charrois

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Michael replies – Giving Canada its own head of state

Dear Michael
The royal wedding is historic and full of pageantry, and I’ll be watching it for sure. But it’s a reminder that we’ve got some unfinished business to discuss—the future of the monarchy in this country. After nearly 150 years of nationhood, we still rely on Buckingham Palace to give us a head of state, and I want to encourage forward thinking and leadership on the subject.

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Michael replies – We must protect and enhance the CBC

Dear Paula-
As a professional actor and someone who has performed on the CBC, I know first hand the great work that the CBC does to promote the Arts and Culture in Canada. The CBC gives back to the community through sponsorship of live productions like our multi-media production of Brecht’s The Life of Galileo. 
The CBC shows their commitment to the next generation of actors by providing professional development workshops in microphone technique for radio drama and are the only organization producing “theatre of the mind” in the 21st Century. I have toured many shows across the provinces and it is always comforting to be connected through the familiar personalities of CBC as we travel across the vast land.

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