What issues are you most concerned about?

4 Responses to ISSUES

  1. John says:

    The basis of my question is that from my experience of the North Van RCMP that consideration be given that the N Van RCMP do not Police North Van in the future. Wow is not this a big issue.? But wow does not the N Van RCMP have a huge budget that cuts into both the City and District.?

    If one reads the newspapers etc one will note that there has been huge complaints of RCMP accountability and that generally of concern that the Police investigate themselves.

    Recently in the North Shore News has been the headline and article stating of NORTH VAN MAYORS MULL OVER RCMP CONTRACT

    Therefore from my experiences that to repeat and also so as to possibly to reduce that huge N Van budget that I am asking for a response from yourself and all those above City candidates and being made aware that as example Port Moody, New Westminster and West Vancouver and others have their own Police detachments.

    That – (a) Would you consider and possibly allow that the North Vancouver RCMP instead duly be Policed by way of a North Vancouver Police Dept. ?

    (b) That a civilian led complaint panel be appointed or elected so as to investigate any claimed misconduct.

    (c) That as West Vancouver have a budget situation with their existing Police Building etc that by having discussion with the West Vancouver Council consideration be that further to the above that Future Policing be amalgamated by way of it being the – North & West Vancouver Police Detachment.

    I believe that there can be huge cost cutting here with much more accountability than is presently available according to some current Councilors. Thnx John

    • Michael says:

      Dear John-
      Thanks for your question. For the reasons of accountability and control of the city’s policing budget that you cite, I am in favor of allowing North Vancouver’s contract with the RCMP to expire. I have heard of the option of the creation of a BC Provincial police force to take their place, but I really like your idea of a joint West and North Vancouver police force if the Province is unable to create a provincial police force. Whatever police force we end up with, it must be accountable and supervised by civilians, not the police overseeing and investigating themselves. – MC

  2. Carrothers says:

    I have a concern about spot rezoning that increases density in a fashion not contemplated by the OCP.

    Are there any circumstances in which you would vote to approve spot rezoning that increases density in the face of majority opposition from the neighbourhood?

    With best regards,

    • Michael says:

      Thank you for your question. The Official Community Plan is a document that should always be consulted in regards to development. Democracy is very important to me and when Citizens have invested time and energy into the Plan and that has to be respected. I can never categorically rule out voting for spot rezoning that increases density; as a playwright and storyteller I can think of more than a few emergency scenarios that involve quarantine in the Hospital quarter and I remember the people at UBC who were up in arms because they didn’t want a hospice built next to their condo because of their belief in bad karma. I believe that giving developers density bonus in exchange for cultural or recreational ammenities is a win/win situation but in this scenario, if there was Majority Public Opposition, the People should win out.
      Thanks for engaging-
      Michael Charrois

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