What issues are you most concerned about?

One thought on “ISSUES

  1. Ryan December 19, 2014 / 6:43 AM

    Hi Micheal. I am a North Burnaby resident. My number one concern is to undo everything the conservatives have done while in power…hahaha I know it’s a huge task.

    Key points that concern me though are:

    The C38 bill that gutted the NEB process, this needs to be fixed ASAP

    The laying off and muzzling of federal scientists. How can we make the right decision when we have no one to prove it right or wrong.

    The ever expanding gap between the rich and poor, and the non existent middle class.

    Protecting the environment as a whole, and dealing with climate change quickly and effectively.

    Exploring new, clean energy solutions. Have government invest in these new opportunities.

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