MAPMAPOur shared priorities for North Vancouver – Seymour

New Democrats invented our Health Care system. We are the Party you can trust to ensure medical care will not be taken away.

It’s time to catch up to the rest of Canada. Let’s get rid of MSP fees and build a healthcare system that works for every British Columbian.

New Democrats will create a $10-a-day child care system to make life more affordable for all families.

New Democrats congratulate our Public School Teachers and their historic Supreme Court of Canada ruling restoring class size and composition (which Christy Clark removed as Education Minister in 2002).

New Democrats celebrate and support Arts, Culture and Film. After all, we invented BC’s Labour Input Tax Credit (PDF).

Our shared priorities for British Columbia

  • Affordability

Every day, the B.C. Liberals are making life less affordable for British Columbians. They have doubled medical service premiums and ferry fares on many routes, and hydro rates have skyrocketed. In the coming years, British Columbians will continue to pay more and get less. New Democrats understand that British Columbians are concerned about making ends meet. That’s why we are fighting for measures that will increase affordability and decrease inequality.

  • Liberal Mismanagement

The B.C. Liberal government has mismanaged key files, and now British Columbians are paying the price. Their political interference created chaos at B.C. Hydro, and now rates are skyrocketing. They failed to protect our ferry system, and now coastal communities are facing reckless service cuts and more fare hikes. To ensure that life in our province is affordable, and that our economy continues to grow, we need a government that puts people first.

  • Jobs and Economy

Under the B.C. Liberals, our province has lost jobs and workers. New Democrats are fighting for real economic growth throughout the province and in all sectors of B.C.’s economy. We want all British Columbians to benefit from a strong private sector, entrepreneurial innovation, and a thriving small business sector. By focusing on the fundamentals like supporting a skilled and trained workforce, we can have a sustainable, diversified economy that creates new opportunities, good jobs, and builds a strong middle class.

  • Protecting our Environment

Our children can enjoy a sustainable tomorrow, but only if we make the right choices today. British Columbians understand that environmental stewardship and a strong, diversified and sustainable economy go hand-in-hand. That’s why New Democrats are standing up for B.C. to ensure that we achieve our economic goals without sacrificing our environmental future.

  • Education and Training

The Liberal government is putting politics before students in our province. In B.C. schools, they have broken the law, cut resources and were caught trying to provoke a teachers’ strike. In post-secondary institutions, they have cancelled needs-based student grants, presided over a doubling of tuition, and cut skills training programs. New Democrats passionately believe in the role public education plays in creating a more prosperous and inclusive society for every British Columbian.

  • Health Care

The Liberal government’s cuts have led to overcrowded emergency wards and diminished preventative health services. New Democrats know that public health care is the foundation of a strong society and offers us a competitive advantage in attracting investment. We believe all British Columbians deserve health care that is there when they need it.

  • Strong Communities

The B.C. Liberal government is putting families last. They have refused to address our province’s shameful record of child poverty, which has remained the worst in the country for a decade. They have neglected critical services like education and health care, and have created a province where fewer young people have the opportunity to succeed. New Democrats are working to create a more fair and inclusive society, because we believe that no one should be left behind and denied the opportunity to succeed.

  • Reality Check

The B.C. Liberals have proven they are more concerned with their own self-interest than the needs of British Columbians. We are paying more and getting less, while this government plays on the politics of division, mismanages key files and racks up debt at the fastest rate in B.C. history. New Democrats are holding the government accountable for breaking its promises and putting people last.

What issues are you most concerned about?

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