We first met Michael Charrois at a BCNDP North Shore Annual General Meeting in 2011. Our initial impressions were of a energetic, intelligent, and committed man who has always been a champion of the environment, human rights, equality, and fairness.

As he participated and support us in our political activities, we found Michael to be loyal, dedicated, honest, generous and focused on the platform of the NDP and our party’s goals and values.

Michael is a tireless worker. He has served the NDP on the North Shore as candidate, riding association President, and tireless advocate. Michael’s determination to create positive change through the NDP continues to inspire us.

During our 2013 Provincial candidacy, and our 2014 Municipal candidacy, Michael was always happy to lend a hand, to show up when we needed him, speak out on our behalf, and share his insights on key issues.

We would be proud to have Michael Charrois represent the NDP in the Federal Riding of Burnaby North – Seymour in the 2015 Federal Election. We would be even more proud to have Michael Charrois elected as a Member of Parliament. As a Member of Parliament, we know that he would speak out for the values and beliefs that are most important to all of us, and serve our community well.

As a councillor in the District of North Vancouver, I can without hesitation give my endorsement to Michael Charrois for the NDP nomination for Burnaby North – Seymour.

Jim and Ruth Hanson

NDP-logo-blockMichael Charrois and I go back to 2008 in North Vancouver.  I had the gratification of working with Michael running as our candidate in the last two elections.  Michael is one of the most dedicated New Democrats I have ever met.  It is most regrettable that we have lost the Seymour area of North Vancouver to the people of North Burnaby, but at the same time Michael has put his name forward to run in the new Burnaby North – Seymour federal electoral district.  I would strongly suggest that you support him in his pursuit to stand for the NDP in Burnaby North – Seymour in the forthcoming federal election. 

Don McBain, President North Vancouver Federal NDP

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