Help Michael’s campaign by volunteering a few hours


If you are looking to make a difference this federal election we have numerous projects to fit your time availability and interest.

If you are mobile and can do a walk-about.

If you can spare 1 to 2 hours we could use your help stapling a dozen or so posters to telephone poles.

If you can spare 2 to 4 hours we could use your help delivering flyers (no door knocking) to mailboxes in a specific poll. We will try to keep you close to home.

If you can spare 4 to 8 hours we could use your help for Adopt-a-poll; making sure each mail box gets a flyer, posters are affixed to poles and public property sign locations are covered.

I will be regularly door knocking and I could always use the company if you want to spend a lovely afternoon in the fresh air. If you have a dog, we could bring them along too and they could get their walk in for the day as well.

We also currently need big sign crew and people to deliver lawn signs as well.

If you would prefer to stay home and make some phone calls for us, we will provide you with a list and a reason to call. We will need to call people to remind them of specific events and deadlines.

There is much work to be done and if you want to help out we will be happy to find a suitable project for you. Our campaign is running on volunteer labour and we really appreciate your efforts.

Michael Charrois- New Democrat